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Our Mission:
To produce, promote and preserve the tales, stories and poems
of the Western culture in written or oral form.

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The Western Music Association was founded in 1988 to foster the professional growth of individual performing members through their web site, the quarterly "Western Way," the annual International Western Music Festival every November, state and regional chapters, and an Educational Outreach Program.

The Western Wordsmiths Chapter started in 2011 to provide more support and opportunities for Western writers within the Western Music Association. Our members include poets, authors, story tellers, song writers and lyricists.

The primary goal of the Western Wordsmiths Chapter is to create poetry awards, and eligibility criteria for those awards.

Volunteers are needed. If you have an idea for Western Wordsmiths and are willing to chair a committee to make it happen, please contact a member of the Board. If you are a Western Wordsmiths member, and if you have the time and if you have a thick skin and if and want to volunteer, we want to hear from you. Please contact member of the Board for any of the above reasons. Thanks!

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WMA Western Wordsmiths chapter


Susie Knight wrote "How to Entertain Kids." Check it out on our new page, "Tips 'N' Tutorials." We hope that it will contain a lot of helpful information for you.

If you have knowledge that will help other Western Wordsmiths members, and you're willing to share it, please contact a member of the Board.


A Cowman's Lot by Terry Nash and Mike Moutoux was published in the "Penned By Lantern Light" column of the Winter 2015 "Western Way."

Ron Wilson, Poet Lariat, recited an original poem at the Kansas Governor's Inauguration on Jan. 12, 2015.
Ron Wilson at KS Governor Inauguration Jan 2015

New Features:

Performance Opportunities (on the events page)

Poetry Archives (POEMS)

Welcome to New Members:



Welcome to New Board Members:

Dennis Russell
Francine Roark Robison

Thanks to Outgoing Board Members:

Aspen Black
Teresa Burleson

Diane Tribitt


Deanna Dickinson McCall was the winner of the Georgie Sicking Award.

Dennis Russell was the winner of the novice class of the Cowboy Poetry Jackpot. Al "Doc" Mehl was the winner of the professional class.

WMA Awards to Western Wordsmiths members:

  • 2014 Female Poet of the Year: Susie Knight

  • 2014 Cowboy Poetry Book of the Year: "Mustang Spring" by Deanna Dickinson McCall

  • 2014 Western Album of the Year: "Granite Mountain" by Belinda Gail

  • 2014 Duo or Group of the Year: Miss Devon & The Outlaw

  • 2014 Radio DJ/Radio Program of the Year: Totsie Slover - The Real West from the Old West - Deming, NM
  • Thanks:

    Thank you and kudos to Susie Knight for making the first Cowboy Poetry Jackpot a success.

    Thanks to the volunteers: Dave Knight, Paula Page, Jana Sinclair and Aspen Black. Thanks to the judges: Sam DeLeeuw, Dale Page, Diane Tribitt; and to M.C. Susie Knight. Thanks to the two guest poets: Mag Mawhinney and Don Decker.

    Thanks to the sponsors of the Cowboy Poetry Jackpot: Twin River Recording (Bonifacio "Bodie" Dominguez Jr), OutWest Boutique & Cultural Center and Western and Cowboy Poetry at The Bar-D Ranch.

    And thanks to the 11 novice and 9 professionals who chose to compete in the Cowboy Poetry Jackpot. They all did an excellent job.